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Very professional!

We have tried other companies in the past, but none compared to the knowledge and expertise shown by this company. It is obvious that they care very much about their customers. Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services has made me a customer for life!

The service was excellent!

They [Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services] made raccoon removal much more stress free than I ever imagined possible! I will definitely recommend you guys to anyone that I know is having any kind of wildlife problem.

I am extremely satisfied…

…with the services you [Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services] provided. You were very attentive in listening to my concerns and in reassuring me regarding my bat problem. You even went above and beyond by fixing my patio umbrella! I highly recommend your company and I know if I ever have a wildlife concern, I can count on you.

The quality of your work…

…and your professionalism were excellent. It was very helpful that you explained in detail what I was facing, and the why and wherefors of wildlife removal. You always provided descriptions of what you were doing and why, and what I could expect. You were considerate in returning phone calls in a timely manner. You were overly generous with your time and willing to come to my house for the squirrels whenever necessary, despite whatever interruption it would cause in your personal life.

We are licensed and insured; have a Commercial Nuisance Wildlife Removal Permit issued by the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, and are a member of the following organizations:

Better Business Bureau (BBB) – www.bbb.org
National Trappers Association (NTA) – www.nationaltrappers.com
Fur Takers of America (FTA) – www.furtakersofamerica.com

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