Copperhead Snake Removal

Copperhead snake removal services are provided by our Richmond VA and Charlottesville VA snake removal experts. We are considered by most to be the Central Virginia areas top rated snake removal company. Continue reading to learn more about the most common venomous snake encountered throughout Virginia – the Copperhead snake.

The northern copperhead is venomous (poisonous) and can be found all over the State of Virginia.  The northern copperhead is a pit-viper, as are all three of Virginia’s venomous snake species (northern copperhead, eastern cottonmouth and timber rattlesnake). The “pit” in pit-viper refers to the heating sensing pit located between the eye and the nostrils on the snake’s head. In addition to the heat sensing pit all three venomous snakes in Virginia have vertical pupils. All harmless snakes in Virginia have round pupils and lack the heat sensing pits.

copperhead snake removal richmond va
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The length of this species is 24-36 inches and the color is coppery-red on the head with an hourglass pattern. There are dark rounded spots at the sides of belly and the scales are weakly keeled. The dorsum of the body and tail are pinkish tan to dark brown and almost black, with hourglass shaped crossbands colored chestnut to dark brown; most dorsal scales are sprinkled with black flecks; head is triangular and the labial region of chin and the venter are cream colored; the neck is narrow and the dorsum of the head is flat. Adult males are generally larger than females; Juveniles have the same color patterns as the adults, except the tip of the tail is a sulfur yellow and lack the black flecking of the adults. There is some regional differences in body color and pattern throughout Virginia. At least seven melanistic individuals have been documented. The record length is 53 inches.

copperhead threat - richmond va copperhead snake removalWhile Copperheads are venomous, they are very placid snakes that only bite if stepped on or otherwise threatened.  If you see a copperhead in the woods, leave it alone and rest assured it will do its best to avoid you.  If a copperhead is near your home or IN your home and you want it removed, please give Wildlife Removal in Virginia a call at (800) 457-8630. We provide Copperhead snake removal services throughout the Richmond and Charlottesville areas of Central Virginia.

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