Wild Babies

Wild animal moms nest where they think best.  Many wild animals are having babies now, and like most moms, wild animal moms want to raise their wild babies in a safe, warm place. Some may decide that your chimney, attic, garage or under your porch is the perfect spot.

Waiting, watching and enjoying having them around until they’re ready to leave might be entertaining and even educational, it could create numerous problems for you and your family.  Wild animals such as raccoons, squirrels, foxes, opossums, etc can make a mess around your property and (sometimes) inside your home; they carry diseases, parasites, insects; and they may sometimes be violent and dangerous.  This year in particular, many of the common wild animals who become a nuisance to humans are multiplying at a higher rate.  We have removed a mother raccoon with 4 young and a mother fox with 7 young in the past 2 weeks and the calls are still coming in.

It is very important to contact a local wildlife expert in Richmond or Charlottesville Virginia instead of trying to trap and relocate wild animals on your own.  The mother could be dangerously defensive of her young and if you are able to remove the mother, babies may end up being left behind and helpless.  Professionals will know where to look for them.  Also, moving wildlife to an unfamiliar area can put them in danger of predators and they may not be able to find enough food.

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