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Virginia Bat Facts

Virginia Bat Facts: The Ultimate Guide to Our Nocturnal Neighbors   Unveiling the Mysterious World of Virginia Bats Virginia is home to an incredible variety of bat species, each with unique features and behaviors. These fascinating nocturnal creatures play a vital role in our ecosystem, making it essential to understand …

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squirrel removal

Wildlife Babies

Wildlife Babies in Virginia Homes: Your Ultimate Guide to Handling Baby Animals Call Us Today At (800) 457-8630 Learn how to deal with adorable but potentially troublesome wildlife babies in your home. This comprehensive guide will help you identify, prevent, and manage baby animals while maintaining their safety and yours. …

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Earth Day

Earth Day Fun Facts

Earth Day Fun Facts: Embrace Your Eco-Consciousness The Origins of Earth Day Discover how Earth Day, the annual event that unites environmentalists around the world, first came to be. Learn about the history and significance of this eco-friendly celebration and how it has grown into a global phenomenon. Earth Day’s …

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Copperhead Snake (Agkistrodon contortrix)

Copperhead Snake Removal

Copperhead snake removal services are provided by our Richmond VA and Charlottesville VA snake removal experts. We are considered by most to be the Central Virginia areas top rated snake removal company. Continue reading to learn more about the most common venomous snake encountered¬†throughout Virginia – the Copperhead snake. The …

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Mole and Garden

Holes In Your Yard

Holes In Your Yard – Moles Or Voles Holes in your yard usually mean Moles in your yard, and it doesn’t look good! Moles are small mammals adapted to a subterranean lifestyle. They have cylindrical bodies, velvety fur, very small, inconspicuous ears and eyes, reduced hindlimbs and short, powerful forelimbs …

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